Monday, August 24, 2009

annie are you ok?

Quick break from studying at lunch. My internet at home (read: my neighbor's unprotected internet) is down. So it was a looooong weekend of being stuck inside without the internet t00bz. And rainy! Geez. Can't a girl catch a break?!

Now I have to go back to studying. One more test this Friday, then a week break, then back to classes and another test. I never liked summers anyway. My one and only beach trip this year will be Labor Day weekend at Virginia Beach so the Foliage and Co. can run a half marathon. While I sleep. It's at 7:30 or some ish in the morning! That's ridiculous. I MIGHT be up drinking by the time they're done...maybe. But my hopes are not up for consciousness.

Re-bid on the house and still waiting to hear back from the seller...3 days later. Sigh*

Back to studying for realz.

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