Tuesday, August 25, 2009

elvis! elvis! let me be! keep that elvis offa me!

So we settled on a price with the house seller! Sweet relief!! Now I can think about something else, like...my next CPA exam section. Heh.

Now dreams of interior design can once again dance through my head. The kitchen isn't a priority, but I wouldn't mind replacing the fridge with one of these. I am so obsessed with that whole blog. I literally can't stop reading. Who needs the real world when you can fill your days with architecture and interior design?! Not I.

I've often wondered (and have been asked) why I never went into either of those fields. My boyfriend recently pointed out that I always seem to get really excited about those, but only ever get frustrated and stressed about accounting. Well...

1. I need to have a stable income. Need. Artistic fields are competitive. While accounting is, too, it's a LOT more stable, and never commission-based. I'm too Type-A to rely on my creativity for my daily bread. What if I have a dry spell?! It happens all the time!

2. Being creative for money means being creative for other people's tastes. I don't wanna decorate how other people want things to be decorated. This is the same reason I could never plan other people's events. I would just be awful to them and take over and they might cry because I rolled my eyes at their lame ideas. See? Not for me. I roll my eyes at clients now, but they don't even know, because they're on the phone! Beautiful.

I'm currently dreaming about random-width horizontal stripes on the walls around a whole room (either light blue or very pale yellow) and fake antlers on the wall. Not a whole head or anything. Just the antlers. Over a couch or on either side of a really gaudy piece of art or something.

And black/white/gray with hella yellow accents. Probably in the Dining Room, but I can't be sure.

In Hooked on Houses, the author does a "Movie Monday" and posts pictures from movie set houses. Look up the one for "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"...I dare you not to drool. I want all of their light fixtures. I'm now hardxcore coveting mid-century-revival pendant lamps.

Alllllright back to studyinggggggughhhhhh

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