Friday, August 21, 2009

she's a maniac maniac on the floor

So I have no idea how the test went. I hardly slept at all and then got up at 5 so I could have an extra hour to review again (as if the hour before a test helps). I feel pretty confident about 50% of the material. But some of it...eesh. Hopefully I accidentally got enough right to get me the 75% that I need to pass. This test has something like a 30% success rate for first-time attempts. I don't want to think about it anymore.

As I was leaving the building, I saw a puppy. It was in an office building and it was one of those glass-front financial places. Maybe it was bring your puppy to work day...? I have no idea. But it took me from verge-of-tears to smiling-ear-to-ear. Those puppies. They'll getcha.

Then I got home and stumbled upon this site and have become mildly obsessed. [Insert bizarre gurgling awww-type noises here] But that is not the point of this post!

The POINT of right now's post is this:

SOMEwhere in the blogosphere, there is information about the clearance sale at Magpie in Trolley Square. I saw it yesterday but now can't find it for the life of me. I got all this stuff for $15!!! It was nearly $70 before! Oh, man. That's 4 boxes of tea bags (ginger, green, "passion", and peach detox), a pack of 15 individually-wrapped breakfast bars, a box of Newman's Own popcorn, a can of green beans, a can of crushed tomatoes, blackberry & sage tea jam, pomegranate lemonade (hiding in the back on the right), and yumberry juice. I have no idea what a yumberry is. I'm guessing similar to a snozberry. But it's 100% juice, so I'm all for it. All of this stuff is organic! And by "organic" I mean "way expensive"!

The part that sucks is that the place is going out of business. The good news is they're selling EVERYTHING. I'm going to go back and get some airtight apothecary jars to keep my baking stuff and teas fresh. Big jars are $5.50 and smaller ones are $3.50 which is about what you'd pay at a discount store...but at least if you get them here, you're helping to offset the losses of this poor independent shop. I never even knew what it WAS before! It's never been open when I've been out and about. Part of the problem? Symptom of the downfall? Both? I don't know. I just hate to see businesses leave empty storefronts.

The guy in there was really nice and answered all my questions. TIP: If you pay with cash, 50% off stuff truly is 50% off but if you pay with a credit card, it's 45% off. A lot of the stuff I got was 75% off, which wasn't affected. But I did consider running over to the WSFS ATM first.

They had a cafe/juice bar in the back, too, and all supplies from that area are also being sold. None of the stuff back there was priced when I went in, and he didn't seem to know when that'd be happening. He asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to know about and I said, "Oh, you know, just curious. Maybe I need an industrial juicer. You never know." Man, I'm an obnoxious pain... But it's true! I might need that thing! A juicer whose description could only be made complete with the word "industrial"?? I need industrial juice!

There's also a biiiiig section of organic spices, all 50% off. I really really really wanted to get some but couldn't remember what I did or didn't have at home. Hopefully I'll remember to make a list before I go back for the apothecary jars.

And FYI I cleaned off my bed and side table just for this picture, and as I was taking it I thought, "man, my stuff look people dust anymore?" And then I heard the collective moan of grandmothers everywhere. Who dusts?! Seriously. I don't even know what one would buy to do that sort of thing.

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