Tuesday, August 18, 2009

someone came and stole my baby away

Ohhhhh, blogs. blogblogbuhloggggg.

I have no specific direction for my web logging. I feel like you're probably supposed to. I've become a pretty adept stalker of blogs, and I can tell you that they uuuusually have a purpose or some ultimate theme. But I have a short attention span for inspirations and I might be mildly schizophrenic, so you readers are out of luck. I mean, not ultimately. Don't lay down and resign yourself to this; feel free to read focused blogs to regain your own sense of purpose after mine has assaulted your very foundation. Ha! Aren't you glad you have permission to read other blogs now? What.a.relief. Big day.

Here's how manic I am: I've started this paragraph no fewer than 5 times but keep deeming the idea lackluster. I'm hungry.

OK, so we've established that if I were a really good and driven blog-writer, I'd have a theme. I don't have any activities in my life that permeate enough to be THE theme, but these would be the candidates:
-The life of a way overprotective oldest sibling
-Trials and tribulations of a sweaterholic (the clothing...I'm not weirdly into sweaty people)
-Being a longer-than-short-distance girlfriend
-Delaware is like Disneyworld!!
-Having a crazybig ego while continually failing at extraordinarily easy tasks
-Giving gifts that blow.people's.minds.
-Perfecting the art of being a hypocritical English grammar/spelling Nazi
-How to justify being beyond in love with all things paper while also being a self-proclaimed Carbon Footprint Reducer
-Charming a Jewish grandmother even though your name references Jesus
-Sewing and Swearing: it's like a sport!
-Procrastination Station

That's a good start. That last one might really be "it" since I'll most likely only be writing in order to avoid responsible tasks. I'll try to post entries more often, but what's the point? I mostly switched because I figured I should probably be able to blogfriend the writers I currently stalk and because livejournal has died. You might as well be using DiaryLand anymore. Right?! What a Gen Y reference...

I'll try to be less offensive and more tangibly upbeat than I am in real life. Because there's no point in posting online if you're just going to be yourself. I mean, really.

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