Thursday, August 20, 2009

the terror the terror

Tomorrow morning at 8am I'll be at the exam center. I am so effing terrified. There are no words. My body aches from head to toe after today's study-fest. I've been doing positive affirmations like it's my job, but...I just don't know. Since when do bonds elude me?!

I was flipping through the back of the study book's sections on exam format and day-of testing procedures recommendations. And I saw that each test-taker has to bring their NTS (Notice to Schedule) with them. I'd printed two copies. One is on the wall of my cubicle at work. The other was...nowhere to be found. I eventually found it, but that was a wicked awesome half hour of sheer panic. Then it was back to studying.

In the middle of memorizing financial statement organization for governments/nonprofits (by the by, a completely different and more annoying set of rules than regular accounting) I decided to document the madness:

Each pile of paper is from a different class. Each class "pile" consists of a packet of practice questions completed with the instructor's guidance, and my hand-written notes. I never took fewer than 10 pages of notes in a single class. Usually more. There were 10 classes.

Aerial shots are artsy. I think.

Some of my hand-written notes. Ahhhh...governmental accounting. You can't truly appreciate how horrible politics are until you try to do their bookkeeping.

But I'm staying positive! Lots of people far dumber than me have passed this thing.

In other terrifying news, our realtor called me this evening to say that the sellers had CHANGED THEIR MINDS and wanted to increase their previous offer (which we accepted) $2k. In terms of a mortgage, it's nominal, but we were already stretching it! Our realtor said she thought we could bid $1k below their new offer so we were only going up $1k. But The Foliage and I agreed that the seller is being a ridiculous ass and we were sticking with the price that was fine with her yesterday...or walking. I haven't heard back yet. Hopefully that's good. The last time they took a while to respond, it was good.

Because I like pictures in blogs and I'm sticking with an optimistic theme:

A front corner of the porch/sunroom/foyer. The seller excluded all draperies and hardware, but I love that there are shelves above the windows already. Couldn't decide whether I'd want to leave the brick painted white or to strip and restore it. Swoonsob*

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