Tuesday, September 15, 2009

if you think you're gonna leave then you'd better say so

Alright, so we're bidding on the house we saw last night. Actually, we saw three last night, but we're bidding on the one that we'd initially made the appointment to go see. And, yes, WE went. Because he doesn't trust me to make decisions or take good pictures, I guess. Which is just as well because I totally forgot my camera in my car. Oops. I hate not having pictures! Ugh.

And now, instead of adding a picture here, all I can do is this which is so incredibly lame. I like the visuals! Also those pictures don't really even do the house justice! Sigh.

This house, as opposed to the last one, needs no upgrades. Anything we would do would be 100% aesthetic. The floors are gorgeous. They've restored the original fixtures or chosen period-appropriate, high-quality new ones. The basement has walk-outs on both sides and is pretty much completely finished (would just need finishing touches and flooring). And it's listed for $10k less!!

In other news, I love my A-Train and would like for him to not ever leave, but am also super excited for him not to fall into the trap of sameness that so many people seem unable to avoid. He's going to be a genuine badass no matter where he goes. And I'll visit and be a really rude houseguest as often as possible.

In other other news, I've stumbled across a few blogs of people studying for the CPA exams, and it's so great to read about other people's struggles with the material and administration and the WAIT. According to one blogger (who got the information from her state representative), if you take an exam in August (I took 2 that month, as you may recall), you can receive your scores any time in September or October. Or maybe even later, but those two months would be the most likely. I need to know NOW whether I passed so I know whether to schedule a re-test! Times slots fill up so fast!!

For the first two tests, I wasn't able to use the software, and now that I'm studying for the third WITH it...I have no idea how I ever lived without it. Thank you, work, for updated laptops!

In even more different news, Liss and I are finally going to undertake a project that is literally over a year in the making. She was laid off a while ago and is getting anxious about the lack of stuff to do and income...and then we remembered that we had this totally amazing idea we couldn't implement before because we were both working. Perfect! I can't discuss it in detail until product is available for sale, but...it's pretty incredible. Jump back.

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