Sunday, September 13, 2009

is there

I hate not blogging! Non-work internet has become pretty scarce in my life, which has been absolutely devastating. And I'm always thinking of things to blog about, which may or may not be completely pathetic. No comments from the peanut gallery, please.

We've decided to walk away from the house (in Wilmington...sorry, LPat). The repairs that would've been needed to even GET an FHA loan had an estimated cost of $7,000 or so, and the sellers were only willing to put $1,500 towards them. Even after they were reminded that the findings of our inspection will need to go in their sellers' disclosure going forward. Good luck getting another buyer with that awful floor and a defunct roof!

I'm not upset about it, honestly. I'm more annoyed than anything else. But another house came on the market just this week that looks like it's got a lot of potential. It's only one street over, so it's in the same great neighborhood, AND their opening offer is $10k less than the previous house's was. Um. Yes. I'm going with our agent to see it Monday after work (the Foliage will be at home in Maryland). It also got a new roof in '05 and everything is updated throughout. The previous sellers are out of their minds.

So that's that. I'm really surprised at how unemotional about this I am. Mostly I'm just stoked that whether or not we buy a house, he's moving here. Even if he ends up renting, we'll get a sweet house eventually, and we'll be able to afford even better. All I really want is to live in the same town. Wistfulsigh*

I want to write non-house stuff...but it's late. And I'm tired. Tomorrow I'll be studying for several hours, and I'll most likely take a few long breaks to write then. Get excited. Actually...don't. I hate letting people down. Stand by for excitement. Gr8 thx.

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