Thursday, November 26, 2009

i guess i never got the memo

About to shower and head out for Thanksgiving. My family's dinner is at 1, and I'm taking a train to DC afterwards to meet up with the Foliage and co. Then he and I will crash at his apartment (he has the lease until the end of the year) tonight. Tomorrow I'm taking a barre class at in Logan Circle. It's AMAZING. If you're ever in the DC/MoCo area, I highly recommend it. It's the only place I've ever paid to work out, and it's worth every penny.

Then we're going for a run, and then maybe doing some people-watching. I've never been out on Black Friday before. I just avoid all consumer meccas on that day. I have no idea what the appeal is. Nothing at any store that really participates in Black Friday is going make those crowds worth it for me. Or waking up that early. Man, I hate waking up early...

Other things I hate: Carlos the Cat. And that's all I'll say about that. I feed him and stuff, lest you worry that I'm depriving him of food. I just...can't stand him. At all.

I like hanging out and catching up with my best friends. It seems to happen so rarely. Stupid adulthood.

I started working on a skirt several years ago...I got it from a thrift store. An a-line, heavy sweatshirt material skirt. I guess it was around winter of 2006 that I started altering it. I drew a branchy tree, then cut out leaf shapes, then sewed fabric into the leaf spaces, and cut out flowers from a patterned fabric I had and sewed them on top. I'm sure there's a technical term that could WAY condense that sentence, but I have no idea what it is.

Anyway, it was one of the most tedious sewing projects ever, and with just 5 little leaf cut-outs to go, I abandoned the project. It's been in every closet I've had since then...just hanging there. So sad. But I decided I wanted to wear it for Thanksgiving this year. And because I'm a ridiculous procrastinator, I just finished it this morning. Well, I finished the cut-outs. Then I tried to take it in, and got overwhelmed with trying to decide between a zipper, snaps, hooks 'n eyes and what order I should be doing things (take in the darts first, or sew in the fasteners?) I took in the back seam, removed the waistband, made a new waistband, and left a space for the future fasteners. After I did this, I put it on to see how it was fitting, and...still too big. Sigh. So I secured the exposed seams and decided to just safety pin it. I'll have a weird bunch thing at the back, but whatever. Hopefully people can focus on the decorative handiwork.

I wonder if anyone who reads my blog cares at all about sewing. I feel like even if someone who did love sewing looked at my blog, they wouldn't read that. But I'm leaving it, because that skirt was an effing psychological mountain, and I champed it. Well, partly champed it. I'll finish it later and then I'll post pictures.

Oh, hey, totally forgot the Foliage left his passport here and now I have to try and find it. Otherwise we'll have to call off the trip. But I've torn apart every place I can think of, and it's not turning up. So that's super exciting (read: makes me want to drop kick something cute and innocent).

Safety pinning.
Passport searching.
Last minute packing.
Green Bean Casserole Assembly.
My parents'.
Newark, NJ.

Sorry there aren't any pictures. Oooooh, can't forget my camera... Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post (both of Mexico and the mostly-demolished basement) when we get back.

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