Monday, November 2, 2009

mmmmm tofuttiiiiii

I eat Soy Delicious so often that when I have Tofutti ice cream it's like a (succulent, refulgent) smack in the mouth. That's not the point of this post. I just get pumped about my snacks.

We got the house!! I am currently in said house, in the Foliage's office, using the neighbor's internet, once again. The legit internet will be hooked up this weekend, people, so don't get all up on my case. Yes, it's just me alone in the house. Me and the cat. The needy, needy cat.

Front stoops: not as cute when covered in wet leaves and you're carrying heavy, unwieldy furniture

After crossing all our 'T's and dotting our 'I's, I attempted to transfer the house money from my checking account into the joint account we opened specifically for shared bills. But WSFS decided to play a funny yoke and mail a physical check instead. Which left us, on the day of closing, essentially penniless as we waited for it. Luckily, I was able to stop the payment JUST in time, and we got a cashier's check that morning. Thrilling stuff, I know. It was definitely the most major stressor during the purchase process, though, and I wanted to share.

So now he's in Maryland, working his first half-remote week, and I'm in the house I wasn't supposed to live in. Whatever. It's the cat's fault, not mine. I want a salad. With balsamic dressing. Real bad. Anyway.

Project #1: finishing the basement.

We have a lot of ideas. We've decided to use ceramic tile or some other sort of stone for the floor. This is for a few reasons. Mostly the potential for moisture since it IS a basement, and the fact that the only way to get between the front and back yards is through the house, and if we're going to be dragging yard supplies through, the surface should be easy to clean. Eventually we'd like to add a half bathroom to that floor, but that probably won't be affordable within the basement timeline (fully-finished for living room-ness by Christmas).

1/2 bathroom location (we'd get a stacking, smaller washer/dryer set to put enclose in a closet in the bathroom, probably)

Project #2: kitchen.

The kitchen is lovely. It has a polished brick floor, awesome lighting, new appliances and gorgeous cabinets. But it also has a solid, non-storage wall between it and the dining room. And in such a small house, being that closed off is just silly. We want to take out the wall and make it a peninsula with either storage or herb racks above it. We're also contemplating how to add a non-awkward pass-through to the living room and make the built-in china cabinet a feature. There's no timeline for this currently except for "before we decide to sell the place." Hopefully sooner than later. But who knows? The kitchen project might be cheaper than the 1/2 bath project since we don't have to do any major appliance or utility stuff, but...we'll see how budgets feel once we actually start paying the mortgage.

I love this sink!!!

Dead wall...standing...or something

I heart built-ins

We tend to like one another's ideas. The problem comes when we both want to do too many things, and then get overwhelmed. Then we split off. I, coming from my mother's house, get an idea and then I do it. Or at least I start it and then maybe "do" it. He, having only lived in rentals, essentially, is stricken by the idea of a permanent change. If I had more time this week, I'd be painting oversized graphic prints in the craft (my) room. But he'll be back before I have a chance. And now he'll read this and lock the door and hide the key. Luckily, I'm a fearless part-owner and have no problem kicking in the door. Damaging a door paves the way for a cooler replacement door! Ha! Now he's reading this and crying, probably.

Watch your BACK...door...!!

We've gotten almost all of his big furniture in here now, but I don't want to take pictures until the rooms look how they're going to keep looking. Y'know? Y'know.

Random otherness!! This Saturday (and the first Saturday of every month), Walter's Steakhouse on Union (at 8th) hosts a '20s Style Speakeasy! We're going, and if you'd like to join, just come to the house and then we can all walk or drive, depending on the weather and the shoes. I haven't decided on my outfit, but I definitely want to do finger-waves, if possible. My hair might be too layered, though. Whatever. I'm pumped. If you DO want to go, you have to RSVP to get the secret knock/password (different every month). I've been wanting to go to one foreverrrrrr but we're always so busy. But now the stars have aligned, and I'll be drinking in Fitzgerald style! It starts at 9, which gives you plenty of time to take care of your other Saturday obligations.

We ALSO went to the prom (again)! Oh, man, so fun. SO fun. Which reminds me...

You know...this has been a rainy year. In fact, this is kind of a rainy part of the world (deciduous forest, for those of you who don't remember 3rd grade geography). So when people don't do things because it's kind of really frustrates me. When you show up to events on rainy days, everyone's been rained on. We're all in the same I-kinda-look-like-garbage boat. And I think that makes it more fun because it sort of equalizes all the participants. And not doing stuff because of the weather is a pretty boring way to live. If you want nature to cater to you 24/7, go to SoCal. And pay out the nose to survive. I digress.

Clearly, people who find excuses to not participate in things really annoy me. But back to the prom!

I wore a gown made out of what I have to describe as...a floral, white shower curtain...? That's about as close as I can get. Under the vinyl were layers and layers of some gauzy business. Ruffle around the scoop neck, and there was a green velveteen ribbon at the empire waste. We got the Foliage's outfit at the thrift store for a total of $25 (2-piece suit, button-up shirt, and INCREDIBLY PERFECT bright white peewee-style shoes). Glorious.

We went. We drank. We danced. Drank more. My super classy date was named "Class Whore." Awwww... Afterwards, we went to Gallucio's for karaoke, where my father and boyfriend signed me up to sing Motorhead's "Ace of Spades." What can I say? It's a crowd pleaser. Especially when you get on stage in a shower curtain and bust out the full-on Lemmy voice. I think the term you're looking for is "heart-warming." Pictures are on Facebook, but I'm not really comfortable posting them here, so...sorry. I tried to at least upload the promotional artwork image, but it isn't working.

Here's what I CAN post pictures of

Gee, that sure looks a lot like Mexico... OH, because it is!! We've been talking about going on a vacation together for basically as long as we've been together, and I haven't been on a real vacation in....hmm...5 or 6 years. Since before I started working full-time, anyway. And even then, I think I cut vacations short for school.

My parents bought into a timeshare this year, and they're going to use their 2 weeks per year to get two suites for one week for the annual family trip. But since this is their first year having it, they got an extra week which expires in April and they haven't been able to figure out a way to use it. Enter: us. I won't be able to take a vacation UNTIL April (after New Year's, anyway), so we looked up location availability and flights and...Cancun for the week after Thanksgiving is just ridiculously cheap. We'd really love to go somewhere cultural where we could explore, but...we needed cheap airfare. We're homeowners, not gazillionaires. So I'm pretty stoked.


Okokok what else... We were Marla Singer and the Narrator from "Fight Club" and were pretty dead-on. I got a last-minute amazing find at the Silver Spring double-thrift-store for $10. Mid-moving. It was an exciting weekend. All the pictures that exist from that are on facebook, so you'll have to stalk me there to find those, too.

AND another event: next Wednesday, Westside Family Healthcare (a nonprofit providing medical attention to low-income families in the area) is hosting a fundraising event at C.W. Harborside. A coworker of mine is on the board and will be guest bartending. I'm taking yet another exam at the end of that week, so I don't know if I'm going to make it, but I'll definitely be attempting to go.

And now to bed because it has taken me FAR too long to write this update (includes time for getting distracted by pictures on facebook...really distracted), and I have class tomorrow night and I need to be able to stay awake for it. Here's hoping...

Plus, I have to turn "my" room into this after class tomorrow

No big deal or anything. It'll totally fit. And the Foliage won't mind at all, I'm sure.

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Robyn Pell said...

It is his fault. Not the cat's. Everything is his fault!
you should know this!
OMG sooo jealous of that vacation! take me?
I think that will be the perfect size for your room... Although the sunroof might take some manpower.
Loooove the house it's beautiful and congratulations! <3