Thursday, November 12, 2009

somebody check my brain

So I am STARVING but going to dinner in 35 minutes. Oh, the lament! Oh, the injustice!

That is literally all I signed on to say. I guess I should say other stuff too, right? Fine. Ugh...

We got sweeeet tiles for a sweeeeeet price for the basement. It's ridiculous how quickly Christmas is coming and how little time we have between now and then to get this stuff done. The word you're looking for is "daunting".

I want to work out but the hunger is preventing me. Also I'm crazy sore from working out yesterday.

Also CPA exam coming up. As in, tomorrow. Yeesh...

But for the moment, killing time until we meet up with my mom, sister and a friend for dinner at Mona Lisa. I've never been. But nothing could make my stomach happier right now than pasta.

Man, I'm sorry. This has been the worst post ever. Now I'm going to force myself to do some lackluster crunch thingies.

OH, but everyone who's out tonight should go to Trolley Square! It's the first of two "Trolley Nights" where most of the stores are having open houses with hors d'oeuvres, and you can get pins that awards the bearer(s) discounts at those locations for the duration of the holiday season! How sweet is that?? Maybe I can coerce Mom into swinging over there after dinner. The next (and final) one is December 10th. Seriously...go.

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