Thursday, December 24, 2009


I really love:
-Edwardian dress

Thank gawd for Merchant Ivory productions. My childhood was thoroughly saturated in Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter in period dress.

Blousy tops, tucked into high-waisted, trumpet skirts. Lurve. And I adore the perpetual presence of riding boots on the guys. It's always either riding boots and vests or tuxes with tails. Sw00n.

I really hate:
-The word "hubby"

I have no picture for that. I don't know why it bugs me so much. Other terms of endearment don't irk me this way. But this one drives me nuts.

I'm excited to:
-Make my New Year's Eve dress. I'm cutting up a bridesmaid dress I wore a few years ago. This is the closest image I can find to what it's supposed to look like...

...only not really like that at all. My dress is a few shades darker than this one, and made out of polyester. And has built-in crinoline underneath I plan to dye and shred.

I made a dress for NYE a couple of years ago that I ended up not wearing. My mother let me have a HUGE bolt of mint green dupioni silk she'd bought on a whim and never used, so I bought a pattern from an Etsy vendor, altered it a little, and went to town. The zipper ended up a little rough, but otherwise the dress fits perfectly. It just had no "oomph" the day of, and I got indecisive and panicky about the hem (the skirt is pleated, and I couldn't figure out how to finish it off...I attempted one quick-fix route and nearly destroyed the fabric altogether) so it's remained just barely unfinished.

I'm going to finish the hem (traditional-style), wear it with my current favorite cardigan (black from ann taylor with unraveled-y trim...looks very jcrew), and get a skinny belt to finish it off. Maybe also some sterling silver jewelry. THAT outfit's going to be for the Foliage's company holiday party in February.

Now to bed, since "Howard's End" has ended. I'll be dreaming about getting myself a new pair of TOMS and this bad boy:

Good LORD!! I want it so much it hurts! Gahhhhhhilovehandbagggggggs...

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