Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's so hard to tear myself away from greys' anatomy reruns

I just have to have a mini-vent-ish moment. It's only "ish" because I'm not that worked up over it (unusual for me...I either don't care or I'll fight over gray area), this just makes me shake my head at the ridiculousness.

Have you ever watched Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee on the Food Network?

Normally, I love this show. I'm a big fan of the shortcuts. She's a little...blonde...but, eh.

But yesterday...the woman was just so above and beyond oblivious it made me laugh out loud. She was hosting her holiday episode. A lot of the ideas were really great and I'm going to look them up for easy treats to make. But then...she had this brilliant idea.

Searching for that link, I came across this! It's just beyond ridiculous!

I'm so annoyed I can't find a picture of the cookies. For anyone who can't follow the first link, she took two white meringues and sandwiched them together with blue frosting. She added some other flare, but...omg. She led into this demonstration saying that you might have some "special friends"...people who need gifts during the holidays but celebrate...Chanukah. I'm paraphrasing here, but you get the point. She compared the meringue sandwich cookies to dreidels, which of course makes them SUPER appropriate!

That's the shape of the cookies she made.

Why.the.face. I would NEVER in my LIFE even consider giving those cookies to a Jewish friend or relative. Are you kidding me?! OK, blondie. Take your token Jewish friend his/her dreidel cookies. Just to make sure you really put yourself out there as someone who FEELS for Jews, you should probably put a ham and cheese sandwich in the basket, too.

Now THOSE are dreidel cookies.

The article discusses a Kwaanza (!!!) cake she made, and another Chanukah-centric dessert, with marshmallows in the center. Marshmallows! If you aren't aware, most marshmallows contain gelatin which is strictly forboden by the laws of kashrut.

I won't go on. I could, but I won't. If you have Jewish friends, and they practice kosher lifestyles, don't give them food as gifts. If they're pro-bacon, just give them whatever treats you made for everyone else.

I'll also refrain from inserting my favorite dirty word here. You're welcome.

I think I found Sandra Lee's perfect Christmas present!!

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