Tuesday, January 19, 2010

everything, everything ends

I've been trying to illegally download the New Moon soundtrack for, like, ten minutes now and it is NOT working out. In this day and age, I can't handle going without an album after deciding I want it, even for a couple of minutes.

So much going on. So much happening. I can't keep up with my own life. I still don't have a phone, though, which doesn't help much. Oh, how I miss having my calendar in the palm of my hand!!

For Chanukah, we had the Foliage's family over to the house. And I got WASCy. Real WASCy. He made fun of me for putting out a relish tray. According to him that's "sooooo white." Because apparently he's NOT white. Eye.roll. We made vegetarian meatballs and cranberry-orange cookies and spinach-artichoke dip and lots of other deliciousness. Our guests were stuffed, which is exactly what I like to see.

I made that wreath by hand!! FYI, if you ask for scraps at the Christmas Tree Yard places, they'll totes fill up a bag for you for free. We got such a bag when we got our tree. So using that, some cheap wreath-forms from the Christmas Tree Shop, wire, and some excess Christmas decorations, we had a couple of cheap, real wreaths. Nice.

I'm pretty sure every person who saw daylight this year got the gingerbread house kit on the right. That was the Foliage's. I got the mini village kit.

So you can clearly see the Foliage's single-building pieces...and then all five gazillion of mine. Teeny tiny pieces. Each of the little sections you see there were entire sides of these itsy bitsy buildings.

My hands are gigantic!!!

So our village looked really cool until hurricane little sister came through. No one saw it coming. She ripped the church (you can see its once locale in the back right) from the cardboard ground and threw it through the roof of the mansion (main center building). The villagers' houses had shared driveways because they're too poor to afford separate ones, and the church had a gumdrop graveyard. AND the Foliage used the ginger men that came with his set and some scraps to make an ice rink. You can't really see it in this picture. But they had candy cane hockey sticks. I was amused.

We totally forgot that Chanukah is a gift holiday, and were really surprised (and a little embarrassed) when his family started giving us gifts! We got some good stuff, though. Most of it was also housewarming-themed, so the items were useful, which I love.

Our current projects are the basement and the bedroom. He bought a black and white patterned linen set a few weeks ago, so I used the purchase as an opportunity to springboard us into a bedroom overhaul. After some arguing over decorating books (whether or not they're useful in any way), we got some light, light lavender. We painted the walls that night, and while he was at work in Maryland, I primed the bedroom furniture.

Pre-priming. The bedroom set was inherited from his grandfather, and it's pretty bland. The bureau is total GARBAGE, but I put myself on a 2-month spending freeze, so now any changes to the house must be re-purposing stuff we already have, or gifts from people who love us.

There's the detail of the original finish on the set. Pretty heinous. Dark blue-green with grey-green speckle...ness. I don't know if that was in style ever.

The furniture mid-priming. What's kind of annoying is that I had to prime it white, and now I'm painting it jet-black. Ughhhh. So any spots that aren't perfect when I paint are REALLY obvious. I'll be doing two coats. What a pain. But I want to make sure the room is more "goth" than "girly" and that means I need black black furniture. We're also going to put up crown molding. For now, the mattress is on the floor of "my" room, and it takes up most of the square footage. The Foliage's clothes are sprawled all over his office, though, so we're pretty even. I really can't wait until this project is done...

In other super-homey news, I am a bread-baking MACHINE!! In that we have a bread maker, and I dump in the ingredients before pressing "go." I'm still going to take credit for the work. My newest favorite recipe is for French sandwich bread. OH, man, so good! I had a sandwich on it for lunch today and it was heavenly. Something about homemade bread just makes store-bought loaves seem like a total waste of time.

Last night, though, we ate out. The Foliage said he'd set the alarm for me to wake up on time for work, but apparently hadn't, so then I was late. He knows how much I hate being late, so he told me he'd take me to dinner after work. Joy of joys!! My initial thought was to go to Ole Tapas (I LOVE small plates!) but I also suggested sushi or Domaine Hudson, where neither of us had ever been before.

And it was INCREDIBLE!!! The waiter was awesome. We ordered the Chef's Tasting, which is different for every table that orders it. Our waiter asked us what we really didn't like to eat, and then the chef created a 4-course menu based on our feedback. THEN our waiter paired wines with each course. Every single bite was like heaven. Seriously. Heaven. We highly recommend it. But don't go all at once and make it impossible to get a table.

Re: local restaurants - a friend of mine said that Moro is closing!! I can't find any information to support this, but if anyone has any information, pleeeeeease let me know. My spending freeze is detrimental to fancy meals, but I might have to break it if it means one last meal at one of my most favoritest ever eateries.

If they AREn't closing, that will free up cash for another all-of-a-sudden necessary purchase: a share in the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. It's such a good deal, and there are 3 pick-up locations in Delaware!! 28 weeks of fresh, locally grown produce. Oh, man, we're so doing it. I can't WAIT to start picking up my vegetables and planning meals around them. Sw00n!!! We're lucky to have a couple of great farmers' markets in the area, but how can you really know where the produce was grown? During warmer months when independent vendors have stands outside at the New Castle market, I trust it, but the permanent indoor stands...I just don't know.

I swabbed today! Sending in my completed packet tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about it. In other random closing news, my kick-ass Cosmic Sister started a blog about her baking endeavors, largely in preparation to open a bakery, her new dream. The bakery has other purposes than just perpetuating pastries, but you can read the specifics after following that link.

It would be really great if it didn't take a gigantic tragedy for people to be altruistic. Really. Great. Just saying.

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