Sunday, January 24, 2010

gloss on my lips, hand on my hip

Right this very father and my boyfriend are rebuilding the basement stairs of my/our house. I am not helping, but I'm not far (you can't really GET that far in this house, though). Earlier, they went to Home Depot together without me.

Ah, my life. I fed them and cleaned the kitchen and baked bread, lest you think I'm lazy or something. I just get really restless during projects like this. There's so much talking about "here's why you do THIS" and "hmm...that didn't work out properly, now I have to re-plan." I just want to be given a task and then be able to do said task. Also I hate having dirt under my nails.

OK, so now it's getting late and they're still sawing and hammering...our poor neighbors...

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