Tuesday, February 23, 2010

as it turns out, cherry laffy taffy tastes like my childhood

Lenten check-in:

-Doing alright with the cursing. I'm VERY on top of the Our Father-ing, but cursing is just so natural to me. Sigh. Thinking about cursing also makes me much more sensitive to it when other people do. Not so much jealousy as...noticing how jarring it is. Which is a reason I shouldn't do it, I guess.

-Ran 2.6 miles tonight, by myself. The Foliage didn't even bring it up all day! It took me until 10:30 to get out of the house, but omg I did it. Tomorrow is a cross-training day, so I'm going to use the elliptical trainer at my parents' house.

By the way, this is the program I'm using. Today was Tuesday of Week 3. You can follow/friend me on Daily Mile. My user name is "peachyringz" but I'm not really sure how searching for people works.

-Not doing very well with not complaining. I'm just a whiny, whiny girl, I guess.

Does anyone know where I can get lululemon gear for way less than retail but without being stolen? No? Yeah, I didn't think so. I desperately need better sports bras. Desperately. Not-ugly is a plus, but minimal stretching is a must. And not more than, like, $30 each. That still sounds like so much. Ugh. Being healthy costs so much money...

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