Thursday, February 11, 2010

snOMG and a feeding frenzy

I love snow. Love love love love it. I hate trying to get to work in it, but that's not the snow's fault. The other thing about snow that's frustrating And Food TV. And all the leftovers I have from the superbowl.

I made an AMAZING chili from a recipe that my uncle developed. It's pretty intense. It has jalapeno, poblano, and habanero peppers in it. Indigestion City. But I love spicy foods, so I've been living off of this stuff. I halved the recipe and it still filled one of our gigantic steel pots.

The Foliage and I watched a LOT of cooking shows over the weekend during storm part one, and ended up creating an amazing dinner, totally on the fly. Bread crumb and pecan-crusted salmon, brown rice, spicy mango and soy dipping sauce, and salad with a vinaigrette the Foliage created. SO good!

THEN yesterday, thinking about the huge bag of potatoes we'd gotten for the superbowl but hadn't used, I invented a frittata. Fried potatoes, onions, kielbasa (because it was left over from the chili), and apples...held together with egg...and topped with cheddar cheese. Do I really have to say "oh my gawd" again? I think you get the point. Normally frittatas are baked right in the frying pan, but...I kind of overestimated how much of each component I'd need, and then I could barely even fit each thing in the frying pan, so it all went into the biggest casserole dish I have. Basically, I ended up with frittata for six. For the two of us. Luckily, the Foliage is crazy about it, so he's been plowing right through.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of frittatas because they are SO dry...but mine had hardly any egg in it, and was mostly the pan-fried vegetables. Win.

I love this picture!! Can you imagine taking wings to work and eating them at your desk? Ha! Now I kind of want to. Just to see.

This morning I woke up with a craving for something spicy, but the chili's almost gone! I almost cried. I love(d) this chili...more than you'll ever know or understand. So instead I had wings and then chips and salsa. Here's the thing about how I eat: I go to the refrigerator and choose the thing that is least likely to be eaten by anyone else. Even if I don't want it. Because I feel guilty for knowingly let food spoil and be wasted. The argument has been made that if I eat and it gives me a stomach ache or if I'm still craving something else, that's also a waste, but my psyche really doesn't want to hear it. So I ate the wings. And now I'm still craving something else. Le sigh.

And now I've got a strong jonesing to bake. These, and these, and especially these (maybe with some nuts stirred in and a ganache topping) are tempting me like crazy.

I don't know what's up with all this heavy cooking. Well, I do. When we get fresh produce, we go through it QUICKLY. Other stuff takes a while to be used up. So now we're stuck inside, short on produce and long on animal products, and I feel gross every time I eat. So I guess that's another snow frustration.

But how can anyone hate this???


Soooo...if you're in walking distance of UPG, or if you're ballsy enough to drive here, come visit and eat this. Because I can't run on these streets. And I need to fit into my work pants again tomorrow. And there's a lot of guilt in my refrigerator. Gr8thx.

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