Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's not rape if you say "surprise"

On the way home from work, I had a craving for soup. It's all gray outside. It's so...British. And thus, soup craving.

Right now? This very minute? I'm eating made-from-scratch soup with a couple pieces of failure loaf*. Heaven. It tastes curiously like my mom's Italian Wedding Soup, even though I really didn't use any of the same ingredients...weird**.

The bottom line here is pretty much Holy Majoli, I Wanted Something, and then I Made it Happen. Also, lest you think all my bread baking results in failure loaf, I made an AWESOME loaf of French sandwich bread last night, using wheat instead of the usual all-purpose. It tastes like store-bought wheat bread only a bajillion times better.

I really want to start cooking and baking "real" foods...as in soaking my own grains and lacto-fermenting produce. It just seems so daunting. Soon, though, we'll start getting shipments from the Lancaster Farm Cooperative, and then the experimentation will commence! And we'll be able to order other non-automatic-shipment items from them since we'll be members! Ohhhh, the excitement!! I cannot WAIT to make yogurt from raw milk!

Look up the GAPS Diet. Seriously. There, I did most of the work for you. You won't read/listen. I know. But you should. It's not a weight loss diet, it's a holy-mother-nature-this-actually-is-related-and-we're-doing-it-all-wrong diet.***

*Failure Loaf - loaves of bread made in the Little Biddle test kitchen, often straying from the recipe, invariably ending up ugly, tough, and pretty much useless. Unless there's also hot soup in the test kitchen. In which case they're perfect for sopping.****

**Written at, like, 6:30 or 7pm. Then I got distracted. Now I'm going to go for a run. Because I run pretty much exclusively in the dark. Like a spastic batman.

***When I was at my most single (in a good way), self-aware point, I was all about being in tune with my body and learning the way things had been done through history. You know...the way humans had innately survived and thrived for all of its existence. Then I dated a guy who made me not care about anything I had ever really cared about. Then we broke up and I didn't know who I was. Then the Foliage and I got real serious and he was all, "Nature is awesome! And you're awesome! And you should do whatever makes you feel the absolute best, and I'm even more stoked if it's a natural way!" Man, that dude is awesome.

****How perfect is the word "sopping" for what it is?? Right?! I LOVE ONOMATOPOEIA!!!

OK running ferrealz.