Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i need you tonight

How have I never heard of dooce before?! And why do so many people hate her??? After reading several hundred of her entries (all at once 'cause that's how I roll when I fall in bloglove) I did a googlesearch, and man oh MAN is there a lot of negativity towards her on the internets! I feel that we were destined to be best friends* and raise our eyebrows at our children and get mad at big companies with nonexistent customer service! I feel it!

Which means I feel protective about her. So back off, jerks. She's with me.

And that kid.

*Please don't tell my current best friends. They would be displeased. Unless they've been looking for a way out of our friendships, which I would understand. I'm kind of obnoxious.

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