Thursday, May 6, 2010

you and your tastebuds are in my prayers

I love facebook. I really do. It was via facebook that The Foliage and I stalked one another (OK, fine, just I did the stalking), and started to write back and forth, which led to dating, which led to getting engaged.

Yeah, we got engaged.*

I'll post the full story of that business in a while, when I have the pictures at the ready. From my work desk, that's not possible, and I wouldn't want to shortchange all 8 of my readers the full experience. My mother took pictures. Here's what they confirmed: that I hate my nose and I should've done laundry so I would've had my favorite shirt available for the proposal. Sigh* Maybe next time...

For now, what I want to say is

I hate engagements via facebook.

Not that people get engaged over facebook. Although I'm sure that happens. And I hope it isn't indicative of the couples' real life choices. I just hate the announcement over facebook. I think it's rude.

You know how you're not supposed to send engagement announcements to people who won't be invited to the wedding? Or invite people to your engagement party? Yeah. How is announcing your engagement to the facebook world any different?

I would like to keep our guest list manageable. I do not want to feel like a hostess on my wedding day, wrangling guests and catching up with people I haven't seen in years. Between the two of us, we have a LOT of friends and family. I look at posts by wedding graduates who kept it small. And the photos of both our parents' itsy bitsy weddings. So small! So doable! Then I look at my facebook page. And I have 400 or 500 friends. And a ton of family who isn't on facebook.

Ugh. Can I get an "ugh"? Thank you.

I told my betrothed a WHILE ago that I didn't want to post anything on facebook, and that I'd be deleting my relationship status, so the change wouldn't even show up. The people I KNOW who are IN my life were notified (minus a couple relatives who I didn't want to call so late and I haven't had a chance to call yet, but who I am definitely calling TONIGHT I swear on my hair). But apparently that's not good enough. Even though nearly everyone who has posted a congratulations on my wall has my phone number, they have all chosen to offer good tidings online rather than personally. To me.

I'm appreciative of the well-wishes regardless. I really am. I just feel like such a jerk to all of my OTHER friends, and some family. Who I wanted to find out through me but aren't, or who I wish I could afford to invite, but can't.

See, we have this plan. To have no debt. As in...none. No mortgage or car payments or student loans...nothing. And to reach this goal, we have to be very very frugal and save like crazy. Which we can do...if we have a very modest wedding. Honestly, we'd be better off financially if we had no wedding at all, but that really isn't an option.

My intention was to keep all things wedding off of facebook, until after the fact, when we would then post pictures. For posterity, I guess. Or maybe we wouldn't post pictures. laid plans, I guess.

The Foliage changed his relationship status, and things have gotten ridiculous. And then my own, usually wonderful mother, posted a status about it. Really? Really?! I can't even keep up with all the comments anymore.

I am so excited to be engaged! I am absolutely ecstatic that I get to create a brand-spanking new family with The Foliage, and high five forever and ever! But why did all these other people have to be let in on it?! You know when you have an awesome dream and you try to tell someone about it, and then it's less cool all of a sudden because you've said it out loud? I just wanted it to be ours and ours alone. At least for a while. Buuuuuut I guess that's how life rolls when you've got a load of siblings and really close families. Fine. Fine. Fine.

Just...if you know me, and you have something to say that is regarding a serious matter...please contact me via means other than facebook. Please.

LYLAS, ceej.

*No, I don't have the ring yet, so no, you can't see a picture. I don't care how many exclamation points or question marks you use, I still don't have it yet. Seriously.

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