Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Via ShopMamie, which is a local business, so support it or I'll cut you.

Reasons I can't ever wear this dress without extensive plastic surgery:
-That neckline. Everyone who reads this blog has met me, and therefore knows that I can't wear a dress with that neckline. Please. I'd have to layer it with bra strap-disguising tank tops which would be counterproductive in summer.
-That hemline. It is short. Really short. Where-did-I-misplace-my-virtue short.

It's totally in my favorite colors to wear during summer, though.

I could maybe swing it as an in-between seasons piece, with leggings and a cardigan. But...it's just SO FREAKING CUTE. I feel like it should really stand on its own. On someone without imagined leg issues or not imagined boob issues. Sigh*

If you love me and you get this dress, please keep it a secret from me. I just don't think I could bear it.


Miss Rachels Pantry said...

Ugh! Buhbies always messin' things up. I love that dress, too, and wouldn't get it for that same reason! Maybe they could make it with a halter strap attached (or you could get a nice seamstress to attach one) and then you can get one of those convertible bras?
And biker shorts! (As you can see, I'm really rooting for you to get this). Anyway, really cute.

ceejus said...

ooooh good idea! i can totes sew in a fake tank top or a halter strap! oh joy of JOYS!!