Thursday, June 24, 2010

coulda shoulda woulda

You know those times when something happens in your life that's REALLY annoying, and you complain about it, and you say things like, "If only this person had only done this one thing, instead of what they actually did, it wouldn't be so bad. I wouldn't be nearly so upset."

In case that's too confusing, here's an hypothetical scenario:

Say you ask your significant other to pick up flour from the store, which s/he agrees to do.
Say s/he comes home
without having even gone to the store
and instead went to dinner
with friends.

THEN you say to your life partner, "It wouldn't be so bad if you had JUST not gone to the store, but you went and had dinner, too. If you hadn't gone and had dinner, I wouldn't even be upset!"

Don't kid yourself.

You would be just as ticked if s/he had come straight home and not gone to the store. Sure, now that the person did TWO annoying things, you have more argument ammunition, but acting as if you would have been completely fine with just the first of the two things happening is a total joke.

Ferreal, this scenario didn't happen, and it hasn't been an issue in my life as of late. I've just listened to a few people recently complain in this manner, and it frustrates me. The next time you get annoyed that someone did ONE thing you don't like, try to think about something else that they could've done to make it WAY worse, and take a breather.

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