Tuesday, June 15, 2010

faking suicide for applause in the food courts of malls

One month ago today The Foliage proposed back to me, making us double engaged (or engagedx2 or whatever). I figured, for posterity at least, I should post all of the aversaries to date, because you obviously REALLY CARE slash are dying to know:

3/30 - Meetaversary
6/7 - Makeoutaversary
6/27 - Dateaversary

5/7 - Weekaversary (when The Foliage unexpectedly was stuck in Delaware, staying in my apartment for a week...thus making it clear that we needed to be in each other's grillz, and starting us on our house hunt)
10/29 - Houseaversary (closed on Little Biddle)

4/29 - FirstEngageaversary
5/15 - Engaged*2aversary

I try to celebrate each one every quarter. Except for today, of course, which is a single monthaversary. But this engagement already feels like it's been forever long...I just want to be MARRIED already. Is it kind of ridiculous? Yes, of course. But I figure...why not just celebrate? People don't celebrate things nearly enough, in my experience. And if I don't repeat the dates over and over I'll forget them.

These are the cufflinks I had made for The Foliage (via Etsy Alchemy):

by Sonseeahray.

They're made to be an artistic representation of the Large Hadron Collider*, and didn't arrive until the day after I proposed. There's no aversary for that, though. That would just be excessive.

*He's followed the Collider for as long as it's been publicized. I got two bids for the work...one of which totally fit my taste, and Sonseeahray's, which is SO HIM IT'S RIDICULOUS. Rainbow geeky dressiness?! We so win at gifts. And both of our engagement gifts were custom-made by Etsy vendors! Score!

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