Friday, June 25, 2010

i use military time and the fact that you can't read it only makes me like it more

Behold, my magical new living room:

Awwww, YEAH, son!!!

It's currently a little sparse, but this is SUCH an improvement over how it used to be. And unfortunately I don't have a picture available at the moment to demonstrate. Basically, our smallish room was filled with huge furniture. One egregious piece in particular - the couch. Which my blessedly frugal fiance bought when he lived in his old apartment.

I never liked this couch. Never. I didn't even like sitting on it when I visited him.

Red. Microfiber. Sectional. But not the whole sectional...just two corner pieces next to each other. So the thing had no arms. And if you laid down across it, the pieces would inevitably drift apart, which is one of the top 5 worst ways to wake up, in the history of mankind.


The day before yesterday my friend Leah* sent me a link to our new beauty/ies, just FEELING that I would love the set, after finding it on craigslist. And, um, duh I did. So yesterday El Foliago and a friend of ours with a pickup truck retrieved the lovelies from the seller. For $100. For the set. I still can't get over it.

And THEN. Oh my gosh. You guys. World. You. Just wait. You'll never guess.

My betrothed sent me a link to another craigslist post.

That...looks familiar...

OK that's definitely...

That is so our set! Crazy!

Here's what's really crazy about this:

Today's seller wants $999 for it. We saved $900!!! It's like booking our wedding photographer all over again! Except I get to gaze at it lovingly multiple times per day**!
Now excuse me while I brainstorm ways to thank Leah for the genius find...

*I'm toying with the idea of just using real first names for everyone already. 'Cause seriously whateverrrrrrr.

**After we get some pictures, I guess I'll be able to gaze at those, too. Good point, Internet...good point.


Leah said...

I am so smug right now.

ceejus said...

i am so surprised