Monday, June 7, 2010

I would totally like to post, but I'm totally consumed by reading every single entry by Dooce. Seriously. The Foliage made fun of the way I get obsessed with blogs, but whatEVER. He knows every single spec about cars he will never, ever own. I just want to be THOROUGH when reading someone's segmented life's story. Sheesh.

Anyway, here's stuff I did today that absolutely justifies several hours of poring over blog entries circa 2001-2003:
-Went to my apartment and got study materials which I promised to loan to a friend (to be picked up tomorrow)
-Came home and did laundry (including ALL the towels, and only used a rack for drying since we replaced the basement windows and haven't re-routed the dryer vent yet)
-Wrote ALL the thank-you cards for our engagement gifts
-Didn't eat anything in the fridge that The Foliage would potentially want to have later this week
-Folded his laundry, which he left in the dryer but didn't mention to me. I have no idea how long they've been in there. Nice.

Things I fully intend to blog about once I've covered the last 6.5 years' worth of blog posts by Heather Armstrong (nee Hamilton):
-My Terrain-inspired herb garden
-Proposal #1
-Proposal #2
-The fashionable accessories accompanying the multiple proposals
-Gynecological care. I probably shouldn't. But I really really really want to.
-My ridiculous and random bouts of narcolepsy.

OH I should probably write about makeoutaversary. Since that's today. Eh...I'll throw that in with the "after Marlo's born" blog-spirations. Just...stand by for awesome.

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