Monday, June 14, 2010

i've been taking a multivitamin for a week now, and my hair is LOVING it

My baby sister graduated high school. My baby. Mine. I read blogs of people with babies who can't believe their offspring is 2 or 3 or even 5 weeks. This kid...oh, man. She was MINE. Don't tell Mom. She might disagree. But now my baby has GRADUATED. She is going to COLLEGE where there are meal plans and boys and extra long twin beds and BOYS.

Ugh. Dislike.

Her graduation party was Saturday. Towards the end, only a few family members were left, and my parents' neighbor came over. He's a little older, and had a young girl helping him. A friend of the family or something.*

So The Neighbor is talking to my grandparents, while we (my sisters, The Foliage and I) talked with Helper Girl**. We ask about school (UofD), her major (Nutrition), her career goals (unsure...which veered into...

"...if I can even find a job; Obama wants us all to be Socialists. (giggle)"


Cue: uncomfortable laugher, frozen smiles, and nervous glances.

She continued to make HIGHLY POLARIZED statements, then giggling, then saying, "I'm sorry I'm sorry" but then following up with something even more extreme.

When I heard people say that politics aren't appropriate for small talk or first dates, I never really listened. If I'm on a date, why waste my time? I don't make out with people who oppose gay marriage. I just don't. I like to lay allllll these cards on the table really early.

But not in the first five minutes.
And not in a room full of people I don't even know with largely opposing viewpoints.
I mean, the odds are stacked against you with ANY extreme political sentiment.
At best, you've got about a 40% chance that THE ONE PERSON you're talking to agrees. Let alone a room of 10.
And giggling doesn't make it OK.

Dear uber conservatives that accuse Obama of having a Socialist agenda,
Jesus was totes a Socialist.
Love, Ceej.

For the record, I like Obama. I don't love every single thing he does or doesn't do. But I doubt that would be true of any president, ever. Because last I checked, the president is the president of EVERYBODY, not just you or me. And I'll deal with the current political and economic climate's impact on my life myself, without making extraordinarily exclusive statements at other people's graduation parties.

*This was shady.
**Who was wearing a teeny tiny tank top and teeny tiny shorts, accented by a LOT of spray tanning and hair bleaching and eyeliner. Just FYI. I like to really set the scene.

Also for the record: none of us challenged her. The statements she made sounded a bit rehearsed. And also it was my freakin' baby's graduation party.