Friday, June 18, 2010

keep feeling fascination

Here's a mock up of what I ended up getting at Target last night:

Yes, I got 2 pairs of black heels. I know I know I know. BUT! I have been needing some, and one is patent leather with a round toe, while the other is matte and pointy. Huge difference. And while that might still sound wasteful to you, I'll have you know that I wear black heels until they literally fall apart. I get them repaired over and over again until it just seems ridiculous to patch the weak little scraps any more. One pair I wore so much that I got holes in the soles. I've never even had Keds with holes in the soles.

Bottom line: I am a professional black heel wearer.

And I've been looking for a low-heel nude pair, so I had to get those.

And the grey wrap cardigan is the most comfortable piece of clothing of life.

My hair looks so effing fabulous, there aren't even words for it. FINALLY I have BANGS and short layers by my face again! Thank you, extra $3.60! I'll post a picture later. Don't hold your breath, because it won't be for several hours, and I don't want your accidental self-asphyxiation on my conscience. Geez.

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