Monday, June 21, 2010

keeping it light

Wedding check-in!

Venue - Done. Ceremony and reception at St. Anthony in the Hills (in the Grotto and Field, respectively). They're now open for summer, so The Foliage and I will go get some pictures soon. There are literally no acceptable pictures online. None.

The ceremony location is carved out of the side of a hill, and is a shrine to Mary with a stone slab altar. It really makes you feel like you're in a cave. The reception is steps away*, and is a grass clearing, surrounded by trees. AKA perfection. And even though it's outdoors, just up the hill there is a covered pavillion (the backup location) with full bathrooms.

Yeah, I'm discussing bathrooms in my wedding planning post. I always wonder about that when I see pictures of outdoor weddings, and The Foliage and I have shied away from several potential venues because we didn't want our guests to have to use port-a-potties, so I feel that it's relevant. You can wipe the disgusted look off of your face now.

Dress - Got one. Because it fit perfectly and was only $150. I'll probably fall in love with something else before the wedding, but whatevs. I'd been engaged all of 4 days, and was hung over, so I decided to try on some white dresses to make myself feel REALLY awful. And then the dress was awesome. Oops.

Photographer - Holy majoli, we love her. Love love love love LOVE!!! I stumbled upon her old site when she was still in DC, and it looked like I would have to move there if I wanted to make my relationship short-distance, and so was researching wedding ish in the District. Then she moved to Connecticut, but I still loved her. Then I showed The Foliage her site, and he loved her, too. Then we went to her house and were all, "you really don't have to do this whole presentation, because we love you." Then we ferreal booked, and I cannot WAIT for our engagement session. Ohhhh, the ideas...

Via Green Wedding Shoes.

Colors/theme - OK, so initially we thinking nature-themed and rustic-feeling elements for the wedding. Which I still think are totally great and lovely. But we got a sweet foresty location. So creating nest centerpieces and woodland table runners seemed like it would be overkill. We're not THAT outdoorsy. We love nature, but we also hate bugs. I mean hate. Both of us. It's bad. If we ever have a house with any infestation, we are so screwed. Anyway.

So I'm really feeling citrus. Which is perfect for both of us, because The Foliage is a citrus fiend. One of his favorite foods is limes. Just limes. Eats them all by their lonesome. Lemons, too, but he prefers limes. Yeah. My favorite pie is Lemon Meringue (it's his second fave), and his is Key Lime. I have a tattoo of an orange slice. We are serious about our fruits.

That's the sort of aesthetic I have in mind. Dark, charcoal grey backdrop with white and citrus (lemon, lime and orange). In the middle of the woods. Los Angeles boutique hotel vibe. The Foliage keeps adding, "and raspberry!" when I explain the palette to people. I try to ignore him. But he's very insistent.

Favors - Meg of A Practical Wedding, and Miss Manners are totally forgainst favors. And it makes sense. The idea of favors at weddings is kind of ludicrous. However...I like favors. In general. Regardless of the type of party. It's because my mother is THE hostess, through and through, and I inherited her hostess sensibilities. So I like to give my guests stuff. The Foliage found this link online, and ZOMG we are so doing it. With lime and orange, too. YUMMMMM!!! We'll just have to find something non-boozey for the non-drinkers and kids in attendance. It actually might not end up being a favor so much as something we have at the wedding on the tables to sip and pass around at the end of the evening.

I started emailing my church back in December, and despite my continued efforts, STILL cannot get my priest on the phone. It's incredibly frustrating. I've made a point of wanting to do things through my own church, within the rules of the church overall, but I can't do that unless I can at least MEET with a priest. Sigh*

Alright that's enough wedding for the moment.

*YES David Tutera, people will be able to see the reception area as they approach the ceremony space. And I don't care. I could not care less, actually. I used to like you, but now I find you appalling. Why did you think you needed to make wedding gowns? Or push for desserts topped with real gold? How creative is it to just 100% cover up a space with draperies? Anyone can fill in a total blank slate. An artist works with and appreciates complications.

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