Thursday, June 24, 2010

proposal part 3, or, the part that isn't really a proposal so much as an anticlimactic disagreement

After we got engaged the second time and I had a ring to wear every day* I asked The Foliage how he felt about wearing a ring. Not because I wanted him to wear a ring, I was just curious. Suddenly I was "marked"...there was an outward symbol that I was unavailable. Which is pretty bizarre. And what's even more bizarre is that there is no such marker for men until after marriage.

Again, I didn't WANT him to wear a ring, I was just CURIOUS.

In any case, he said he wasn't down with it. But all his reasons were ridiculous. And that irritated me. It irritated me to the point that I kept pushing the issue. Repeatedly. And then got so frustrated that I refused to talk about it anymore.

That night, he went into some nondescript alley in downtown DC to get me a free craigslist find:

Hellz yeah butcher block island!!! Underneath you'll notice enough pasta, tomato sauce, and baked beans to feed a small third world country, thanks to our 60-day free membership to BJs which expired this month. June 1st has never been so sad...

Anyway, in the DRAWER of the island was this

It's sterling silver, and it fits, and The Foliage has worn it every day since.

Which concludes the proposal story in 3 parts (4 if you count New Year's weekend when he took me to Brooklyn to meet the ring designer and discuss the specifics of my ring...which you shouldn't, because I certainly don't). Parts 1 and 2 to follow...some time. Eventually.

Only-marginally-related-aside - last night around 11pm this went down via text message:

Foliage - Hey babe, I'm going to need to stay late for a work function tomorrow.
Ceej - How late? Should I make dinner or no?
F - Definitely no. The event is 7-10.
C - If you were any other dude it would totally sound like you're having an affair. What with the sudden, without warning, out of nowhere late night for work. Luckily I know you just suck with dates so I'll only be annoyed as opposed to annoyed and suspicious.
L - I'm glad my long-planned ploy to appear hopelessly unplanny is working.
C - Tell the bimbo to wear a femcap.

Then tonight, again around 11pm:

F - Left late, won't be home until 12:30. Sorry babe!!
C - It's ok I figured I'd be asleep when you got home anyway.
L - Sweet, free sex.
C - My piggy bank is on the nightstand. Nothing in this house comes for free.
L - Except butcher blocks and engagement rings.
C - I paid for that butcher block. WITH MY FUTURE.

*When you say you're engaged, people's women's eyes flit to your left ring finger automatically. When nothing's there, you look like a total psycho. Not that I don't enjoy looking like a total psycho most of the time. But when I want to be humored in my wedding-related queries, I don't need the post-flit raised-eyebrows-face all up in my biznass.

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