Monday, June 21, 2010

rant: n. to complain vehemently.

So I have this friend. I've mentioned her here before, but I won't link to her blog for the purposes of this post.

She has written some GREAT entries about being a working mother and some pet peeves, but has been PRESSURED to take them down. All she said in the aforementioned post was that she is a working mother and she is proud of it, and that it is a rarity in her community. But members of said community were OUTRAGED and made calls to her family member to delete the post.

Only people who are uncomfortable with their own actions would REQUIRE their FRIEND to stifle his or her opposing viewpoint.

Seriously. What is the point of a blog if not to express one's opinions? Nobody starts a blog to "keep it light." And nobody reads those blogs, either. And I'm not taking this down.

EDIT: the friend in question did delete the posts, and she isn't even particularly annoyed by this, because she wants to make people happy, and deleting the posts made her friends and family happy. I specifically asked why the posts were gone, and she told me the story, and that got me riled up. For the record.

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