Monday, June 28, 2010

sippy cups for grown-ups

As much as I would LOVE to wear a bridal beer hat on our wedding day, it just won't go with my dress. And would block my hair, AKA 33.3% of my personality. Inconceivable.

Then I saw this on OnceWed today.


I can't figure out how to edit pictures the way I want to on this computer, so instead of cropping...see the bottom left image? Mason jars with holes punched in the top and fun straws!!!

Now, I'm kind of sick of the mason jar thing. We get it. You're homey. You're crafty. You like to imagine you lived up the street from The Waltons. But not in real life, just for the purposes of your wedding. Noted.


I have a tendency to be sloppy with drinks. By that I mean...I dance. Badly. With drinks in hand. And there's lots of sloshing. There could be just a tiny drop left in my glass, and minimal motion, and somehow I will still end up with wine on my arm.
And it's going to be outside at the end of summer! One of my biggest concerns is how to keep bugs away from the food and drinks! Hello, perfection.

Now to decide on a drink to fill my sippy cup...hmm...

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