Wednesday, June 16, 2010

strong bad's cool game for attractive people

Friday I'm going to the Chesapeake House, which apparently EVERYONE I know has been to a bajillion times, and they all love it. So thanks for leaving me out of the magic, City o' Wilm. Geez.

It's a quadruple date, and the girls I'm going with are all GORGEOUS and we all agreed (without the boys' input) that we were dressing up. Because hellO there just is not enough dressing up in life. There just isn't. Not by a long shot. So I've been in a TIZZY thinking of what I should buy to wear.

But what with the haircut cost conundrum and the constant budget battle of living in a post-barter-system-society, I just couldn't fathom spending more than, like, $50 (gah, and even that is so much!) on clothes for a night out. PLUS, my killah fiance recently moved my whole wardrobe from my apartment to the house, so now it's HERE! I don't even remember what I own anymore!

I desperately want to wear a short dress, but hate my legs (working on it, working on it), so I'm going to wear a knee-length black shirt dress that I've had for a few years. Cinched-in waist, standing collar, just a hint of boobage, and a-line. AND it's a really light material, so it breathes really well. I love those H&M pieces that just keep making you happy and don't fall apart in the wash...

Here is idea #1 for Project Shirtdress Goes Evening (not my exact dress, but you get the idea)

There are panama hats in the men's section of Target for WAY LESS than I've seen anywhere else. If you're in the market for one. Or if you're like me and are in the market for seven. Either way. Target's got our wasteful backs!

If I go with neutral, I've already got the shoes. I'd try to curl and scrunch my hair into some sort of wavy mass and wear candy apple red lip gloss.

Shopping list:
-Scrunching spray

And the second idea

Both images via polyvore.

This is more the direction I usually go. Black with brights. Serious with childish. Smoky eye, neutral lip, teased but still straight hair. Since this is my usual style, I've got the accessories, although I might look for a new clutch and shoes if I have time, just to see how much money I can waste what's out there.

Shopping List:
-Maybe some shoes or a purse. Maybe.

So obviously the second is a lot more financially responsible, but UGH I've tried to commit to a neutral ensemble so.many.times. and I always end up veering back to my brights. I'm going to attempt the neutral palette. We'll see how it goes. Stand by for pics of that AND my new haircut, which I'll be getting tomorrow night at a salon I've never tried. Oh, dip!!

PSA: Please don't go to will suck up all your time and ruin your life, except that you'll have exceptional idea boards. But other that THAT...ruined.

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