Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"talking to 21 year olds is like talking to babies, except babies haven't had stupid ideas yet" -comedian on "last comic standing"

In looking for a new hair salon, would you be swayed by a $3 difference? The two I'm looking at are one block away from one another, both very close to my house, and have pretty much the same reviews (99.9% fab) online. I have to wonder what that extra $3 gets me.

Also: Did you ever read "Fahrenheit 451"? Have you seen the commercial for the TV that lets you pause in one room and then resume in another? CUE TERROR. Is no one else seeing this?!

But the hair salon thing is WAY more pressing at the moment, so if you've only got the stamina to respond to one of the two concerns, choose the coif conundrum.


LMP said...

First of all, never seen the movie, but evidently, I don't want to.

And secondly, I think the new haircut is actually a matter of $3 plus $.60 considering the tip. Weigh your options CAREFULLY.... You can't just THROW your money away.

P.S. I really love to randomly scream words in the middle of sentences.

Miss Rachels Pantry said...

if you have time, you should pop into both of them to see which atmosphere you like better.
i would pay the extra $3 if they have a shop cat.

ps - totally feel like a creep posting comments on your blog 2 days in a row.

ceejus said...

i SO don't have time, and i LOVE comments, so go.to.town.

lmp, that $0.60 is what's killing me. give your budget an inch and YOU'LL NEVER AFFORD YOUR KIDS' COLLEGE TUITION.

[un]fortunately the one that's $3 cheaper doesn't have any openings when i need them to, so the choice has been made for me.