Thursday, June 24, 2010

this just in

But while we're on the topic of my kitchen*

That's what the refrigerator currently looks like. It is being taken over by produce. TAKEN.OVER. This is neither a joke nor a drill. We only got a HALF SHARE from the local CSA and we can't handle it. This is both backlog from previous weeks, plus this week's share. I couldn't get it all in one frame. The bottom right section of the fridge is stacked up. GoodNESS it's ridiculous. And awesome. And intimidating.

Other kitchen awesomeness, courtesy of my kick-ass fiance:

That WAS a 4-tier shelving unit which The Foliage got for free (thanks again, craigslist!), but then he hung the top-tier from the ceiling by some hardware store chains. Which means that he really got me a pot rack and a baker's rack!!!

Behind it, so you know, is the wall that we're hoping to eventually knock down and turn into a peninsula with storage. I know, I know. You're riveted. I'll stop before I accidentally make you wet yourself.

*I think I might begin all posts as though I'm in the middle of another thought from now on. Like when news anchors begin their schpiels by turning to the camera as if you just walked in while they were talking to their colleague, and they're only politely humoring you by reading the news.

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