Tuesday, June 22, 2010

your lipstick stains

I had a dream last night that Dooce wrote an entry about me. That she'd found out some girl was reading her entire blog from the beginning. And her link to my blog made me blog famouns and she and I hung out and ate pop tarts and rolled our eyes at our fans.

I was so happy.

Today I fell in bloglove with the Tiny House Blog while trying to locate Teardrop Campers in the Mid-Atlantic.

I LOVE!!!!!! But they are SO HARD to find, let alone to buy. Just forget about trying to rent one in Delaware. The closest I've found has been the Western edge of Pennsylvania. And they generally cost $3,000 to $8,000 before shipping, depending on the model. Which is just way too much. If anyone has information about where to find these, to rent or buy, within 4 hours of Wilmington...please holla. The Foliage and I are swooning pretty hard.

Anyway. I am crazyinlove with the Tiny House Blog, and I want to curl up and go through the archives for hours. And then I want to buy a modest plot of land in a good location, and build a tiny house on it. And then build a greenhouse on that. And then add wings and floors and stuff as we need them. Sigh*

I subscribed to WeddingBee this morning, too, after seeing a couple of posts with some interesting ideas, but shortly thereafter realized that those ladies are INSANE. There's literally a new post every 10 minutes or something. I don't have that kind of stamina. Even Pioneer Woman can't do that. And she's cuh-razy with the posting.

Now soliciting ideas for new blog names for my WordPress redesign...

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