Monday, July 26, 2010

if i were a braver, smaller-chested woman

I would totally rock this dress

Or this dress

Or GOODNESS this dress

But boo-hoo poor me I am very much not lacking in the upper extremities department. I really need support, and would prefer not to wear some corset/girdle/deathtrap all. day. And even though I bought a dress (which totes accommodates my day-to-day brassiere), I've got a year to go. A girl can swoon.

And swoon I will. I LOVE Nicole Miller gowns. Love. And this is definitely a top 3 pick. I love the way a lot of her long gowns have the slight bustle and sweep train, and are really fitted but don't make me instinctively picture sausage casing. Well done, Nicole...well done.

However, my all-time of life most favoritest dress is the White Dalia

Also jaw-dropping? It costs $7,000. As in more than we're planning to pay for catering. As in most of our entire budget. As in tearz. Followed by acceptance. And wistful sighing. Sigh* See?

To make up for the fact that I can't ever have this dress, we're going to rent a helicopter to hover over the ceremony site, and then I can climb down to all the waiting guests. Hello, grand entrance! Aisles are for the birds. Obv.


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