Monday, July 26, 2010


Sunday night Ye Olde Fiance and I saw "Inception," and it was amazing with a capital ZING! I had worried that it would be too hyped up, which happens SO often and totally ruins movies for me. Like that time "Pirates of the Caribbean" came out. My family went to see it and loved it but then would NOT shut UP about the thing. And when I went to see it I was very much not impressed.

But that might also have been because (Mom, turn away now) I was totes making out with my at-the-time-boyfriend. Potato potawto.

Seriously, that guy was ridiculous. It was the summer after senior year, and the first time we made out, my entire neck was COVERED in hickies. It look like someone had taken a bat to me. Um. Yeah.

Luckily, I'm really good with cover-up makeup, and my hair was longish, so my mom never knew. Until now. Hi, Mom! Ironically, several months later I had a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy hickie on my neck, which she noticed and she gave me a hard time about it.

And when I say "she gave me a hard time" I mean she gave me her version of a hard time. Which is a slow, painful death of suffocating silence. Your mind races, looking for a way out, but all exits are blocked by the pillow of doom, which she has tightly pressed to all your emotional orifices. To be totally un-dramatic.


All that is to say, I don't want to hype up this movie too much.


Here are the movies that have previously blown my mind:

-The Matrix
-Fight Club

And it was like watching one of those movies for the first times...multiplied by approximately 7 bajillion.

I think it's worth mentioning that Carrie Ann Moss is in 2 of those movies. WEIRD.

Anyway, when we got back from seeing "Inception" we were still so...amazed and we couldn't stop talking about it. And because talking about it is possibly the most confusing thing ever, we decided to watch the second "Matrix" movie*. I wanted to try to remember what it felt like to watch one of the movies listed above for the first time, but it was SO not the same. There were so many holes in the logic. And how long was that stupid highway fight scene? Seriously. I hate excessive fight scenes.

Just...go see "Inception." And remember what it was like to be 100% amazed.

But do not make out with your boyfriend or drink anything before or while seeing it. You've been warned.

*We've both seen the first "Matrix" and "Fight Club" more times than any human being probably should...and we don't have "Memento."

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