Monday, July 19, 2010

just how your karma came

After OffenseFest 2010 Leaf and I went to evening mass in Philadelphia. I'd looked up the mass times and locations of several churches that morning, so we'd have options no matter how early or late we returned from the Family Day visit. We ended up getting back just in time to make the 6:30 mass at Old St. Joseph's - the one I'd been the most interested in visiting.

As soon as we narrowly won a fight with a parking meter on 4th Street, we hightailed it to the church.

Which was in an alley.

A partially cobblestoned alley.

Apparently it's the oldest Catholic church in Philadelphia.

Through this gated, arched entrance there's a decent-sized courtyard, and on the opposite side is the entrance to the church itself.

I didn't get any pictures of the courtyard because when we walked back to the entrance it looked like they were locking the gate for the night.


I found this photo on the intertubes, though. It was pretty. And the woman behind us had a really lovely voice, so I told her as much as we were leaving. I thought our voices sounded pretty good together. Leaf said he would totally go to that concert. I told him it would be the most boring concert ever. Albeit harmonious. But honestly who wants to pay to listen to that? No one. Well, except Leaf. Who would try to start a 1-man mosh pit. And before you get all, "that poor woman had to stand there and listen to you geniuses during all of this?" No. She didn't. I told her she had a beautiful voice, and that was it. She was spared. You're welcome, lady.

Still feeling victorious after our triumph over ye olde parking meter (not to mention a REALLY awesome parking spot) we decided to walk around a little.


And ended up at Eulogy, which I had tried and failed to lead my family to back in January when I/we took my youngest sister to get her industrial piercing. I needed vindication. And tasty, tasty Belgian beer. Both of which I got.

At the end of the meal, though, we asked about desserts and it turns out they only have one per night. One. A[h] dessert. So the waiter told us to go to Franklin Fountain.


Which we did.
Because we're obedient.
And you also should. 'Cause it's adorbs.

And because they carry Manhattan Special, which I've never seen outside of New York, except when I've ordered it and paid crazy amounts of shipping charges. Mmmmmmmsogooooooddd. Even people who don't like coffee (who are just RIDICULOUS and probably should have their tastebud privileges revoked) love Manhattan Special.

Do you know what this entire blog post amounts to? I bet you don't.

My dad's perfect evening!

I mean, if it were exactly as described above, plus there were sailing. But aside from that, totally perfect.
-Historical, JESUIT Catholic church and mass
-Belgian beer and food
-Manhattan special
-Fabulous parking

It just doesn't seem fair.

Sorry, Dad. Hopefully you were watching Project Runway while sitting on a gorgeous gold couch, and eating sushi followed by pecan pie, and organizing your upcoming social engagements on your MacBook. No? Hm. There's always next Sunday.

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Leah said...

Bitter because I can never get anyone to take me exploring in big cities. Techy gets lost in a shoebox so it doesn't happen for me.