Tuesday, July 13, 2010

listen up

Ye Olde Fiance and I have gotten into listening to audio books on long drives recently. Or recently-ish. I'm now wrapping up our most recent foray. Chronologically:

1. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

We listened to this, like, I don't know...it was a while ago. Late 2009. We REALLY liked the first third of the book. It made us want to go to Chicago (which is where the book takes place...I've been there a few times but my brain refuses to remember any geographic layouts ever, so I recognized approximately 2 references). The middle of the book slowed down and by the end I was just praying for one or both of the main characters to die, I was so over them. I'm pretty sure The Foliage shared the sentiment. If he didn't, I don't really care, I'm still going to say he did because this is my blog and maybe one day when he's a big kid he can have his own blog, and subsequently his own opinions.

2. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

This one was purchased while we waited for Senor Nearly Blindo's prescription sunglasses to be hewn from a magical rock they call "polarized" before we began our drive to Hilton Head. I'd been intrigued by the trailers for this movie, but I'm also what kids these days are calling a "pansy" and was pretty sure seeing it would make me cry. The book, though? The book I could totally handle! Score!

It was reeeeeeally slow to start, but overall we liked it. We figured out the twist about halfway through, though. I think if we had physically read it we would've gotten it even sooner. For reasons which I will not discuss in case you haven't read it or seen the movie. Anyway, my confidence is now bolstered and I'm looking forward to watching it. Especially because Mark Ruffalo plays the sidekick and I love him. More than I probably should.

I'd like to mention that we were looking for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil but they didn't have it. 50% of my best friends told me I had to read it in preparation for visiting Savannah. I totes let her down and instead got...

3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson Reg Keeland

This is another favorite of 50% of my best friends, so I got this kind of as a consolation. To her. Which, yeah, I know, doesn't actually make sense. But she loves it and she and I usually agree on which books do or do not pwn. However, when I told her about this development, she was VERY displeased. Because books are meant to be held. Is how she feels. Adamantly.

Yeah, well, I'm a total narcoleptic in vehicles (...and all the time, but especially in vehicles) and audio books are the only thing I've found that keep me awake consistently.

Except this one. It stayed in the CD player for maybe an hour, if that. Maybe because the reader was British? Maybe because it was taking WAY TOO EFFING LONG TO CONNECT ANY PLOT POINTS? I don't know. It's a mystery.

Ha! It actually is a mystery! Ohhhh I love puns!

So, yeah, that was EJECTED and we had to make an emergency stop at Cracker Barrel to get a replacement, which was...

4. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe

I'm about two-thirds of the way through this now. My co-listener pretty much lost interest, and honestly I don't care that much what happens either, but sometimes I get pointlessly invested in things emotionally, and I "have" to see them through, otherwise I feel like a failure. At life. So I'm finishing it in order to not suffer LifeFail via audio book.

It's about a present-day (well, 1990s) American History doctoral student, and a family affected by the Salem Witch Trials. It reads like a Lifetime movie. Which is pretty much what you'd expect from a Cracker Barrel, so it's not like we were led astray under false pretences or anything. It was by FAR the most interesting-looking thing on the rack.

The cool thing about the book, though, is that it was written by an actual doctoral student who specializes in the history of that period, so a lot of the details are factual. AND she's a descendant of two of the women involved in the trials.

Any suggestions for the future? I'm thinking about getting the audio version of a classic I've loved like Grapes of Wrath or For Whom the Bell Tolls but I'm wary of trying to focus on that and the road at the same time. Or missing nuances because I'm not seeing the page. I'm a big fan of "reading" this way, though. I feel like it's so easy to not expose yourself to new books once you're out of school. Thanks, adulthood. You.are.the.best.

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Yossarian said...

I tried to like The Time Traveler's Wife too, just 'cause I do get all the Chicago references and it makes the city sound awesome and the woman who wrote it is a professor at my alma (hee) but yeah, I pretty much wish everyone in that book died by the end.