Monday, July 26, 2010

my 100th post!

Happy 100 posts to me!

And how anticlimactic!

I found this site and was all, "ZOMG the heavens created a clothing website just for me! I must alert the masses! I mean my 8 readers!"

That was literally the only thing I wanted to say in this post.

But now I feel like such a slacker.

Yes, that time stamp is correct. It's 4am. And I'm wide awake.

Because caffeine laughs in my face.

If I NEED to stay awake, caffeine rolls its eyes as I plow through 2 liters of coffee.

But tonight/this morning, after having 2 movie-theatre-large cups* of Coke Zero, I'm prepared to walk every street in Philadelphia, starting in the center and following a concentric circle pattern to the perimeter. Or circumference. Or what have you.

As we are still essentially captives in the living room, though, while BedBugGate progresses (the exterminator came and exterminated...but we have to wait a bit to use the second floor), I am totally keeping TheFoliage from a good night's sleep. With my clicking and tapping and screen-illuminating. 2 feet from his head. It seemed better than tossing and turning less than 1 foot from him ON AN AIR MATTRESS, though. No?

Yeah, I guess not. Stand by for [actual morning] crankytimes. Whooo!!

*My Ship's mom posted a coupon from AMC for $1 any size soda and fountain drink on facebook**. Only effective July 25th. And we'd really been wanting to see "Inception." So we had to go. And I got a large soda because that's the only way to really make it count. And then I got a free refill because hello that would make it super duper count. It has been over 6 HOURS since I finished the second soda, though. Ughhhhh...

**Yes I'm facebook friends with my best friend's mom. No, I haven't seen her more than 1 time. I never said I'm not a creeper. And that omission was not an accident.


Leah said...

So. How was inception. To see or not to see. That is the question.

ceejus said...

I am planning to do a full post about it because HOLY JAW DROP, BATMAN.

In fact, the first hour or two of laying down and trying to sleep consisted of drafting the blog post about the movie. But then I wrote a quick outline to organize my thoughts and realized that would be WAY too much typing while The Foliage was sleeping nearby. It reads like my subconscious transmitted by telegraph.

I was considering posting just that, but...there's a part about my mother giving me a hard time for a hickie from my now-ex-boyfriend, and I really can't just mention that in I'm doing now...