Wednesday, July 14, 2010

problem: solved

Well, that was quick.

I searched my GoogleReader feeds for "plum" and found this:

Plum Raspberry Sorbet

Ohhhhh, goodness. I wants. And aside from raspberries, we already have everything for it!

After sending the link to The Foliage, he suggested we make the vegan version of the Oreo Truffles we'd made this past Winter to accompany the sorbet.

My initial reaction was something along the lines of, "What do you mean 'accompany'? I am NOT standing over the hot stove, fighting with candy coating. And then transporting it on a day when it's supposed to rain, so it gets wet AND melts. That is 100% ridiculous." It might have been a tad harsh. Maybe even hasty. Possibly.

Then I did another search and came across a Dulce de Leche cake. Which made go, "oooh, yeah" in a way that will make my mother uncomfortable when she reads it. Probably due in large part to the fact that the cake was shown prepared in ramekins, and I can't ever resist individual packaging. Buuuut that cake had a lot of dairy action happening - more than I thought I could probably substitute for - so I kept looking, by then having decided there must be some sort of baked good on the dessert plate.

Which led me to this. Which I can't get a picture of into this blog entry. So you're just going to have to click and drool. Click. And. Drool. Chai Cake with Honey Ginger Cream. Oh, goodness.

It looks like it'll be pretty easy to adapt to be dairy-free. I normally just get soy milk to sub in for cow's, but I think in this recipe I'll go with almond milk. Maybe if I'm feeling saucy I'll even make some myself. But, yeah, probably not. I'll probably just buy it. What with the fact that I'll be making 2 desserts in a pretty short amount of time in my itsy bitsy kitchen. Maybe I'll even do my first step-by-step cooking post! I get way too excited about this blog. Really.


Yossarian said...

You could also try coconut milk. It would taste super delicious with a honey-ginger cream frosting, I bet.

Yossarian said...

Also I'm stealing this recipe for my blog. Heads up.

ceejus said...

you should make yours tonight or tomorrow night and then we can do side by side comparison posts saturdayyyyyy!! are you going to make the sorbet too?