Sunday, July 4, 2010

where the eff did we land?

Leaf and I are currently getting ready for the second leg of our trip, starting our day in Wilson, NC. We made remarkably good time yesterday. I'm sure we'll make really good time again today. He'll turn a 5 hour trip into 3 while I sniffle next to him.

Sniffle? Oh, did I not mention? I'm sick. Annoyingly, positively sick. Another reason to sniffle: I'm blogging from a computer that is mine but is not mine.

First, the illness.

I have a history of being sick on vacation. I feel a tickle in my throat a few days before I'm supposed to leave, but I'm always too stingy with my personal time to call out of work, thus exacerbating whatever horrible tricks my body has up its proverbial sleeves, and then the long drive to meet my family for vacation does me in. 3 years ago I had an awful case of bronchitis for my entire trip to Connecticut. Really. The whole time. Thanks, body! At least you KNEW New England was my most favorite place on the planet, and you're so funny that you knew it'd be a riot to make me bed-ridden. You'

This year, I haven't really been that enthused about taking this vacation. We're on our way to Hilton Head. As in that place that's connected to that state whose name starts with SOUTH. I don't GO to places that even slightly allude to the South. But my family doesn't ask for my opinion when they make their vacation plans, and if I want the family-funded package, I have to go where they go. Ruth-style. I always used to like Ruth. Now I'm second-guessing myself.

Anyway, I've been attempting (maybe half-heartedly, but you'll never prove it) to make the best of this and to try and enjoy it know whatever. Whatever it is you do to get psyched up for a vacation you don't want to take. And when I felt the tickle in my throat this time, I decided that rather than be whiny about the location AND my health, I'd just take the time off of work to rest. So I took TWO FULL DAYS to rest, and I kinda figured maybe it was just allergies, since it was so much worse in the morning, after sleeping with the windows open.

But I here I am. And I'm sick. I know because my mouth tastes sick. I made Leaf kiss me to verify, because I'm the best dern life partner EVER. And I tricked him into it, 'cause you KNOW you get the most honest responses when the other person is blindsided. Also my stomach hurts in a whiny can't-decide-if-I-actually-hurt kind of way and I can't breathe out of my left nostril.

Now the computer.

My computer died Monday or Tuesday night this past week. I deleted a bunch of applications I never used to free up space on my hard drive, and when I clicked to empty the virtual trash can, it took about an hour. Just to delete some freakin' applications. And then I decided to restart my computer, because that's the solution to approximately 96.3% of all computer problems...but then it wouldn't restart. It made the restart sound and then gave me the Mac version of the finger - the grey screen with the spinny circle thingie. For hours. And hours.

Which meant that when Leaf went upstairs to his computer and would yell to me about new stuff he'd found online, I just made lewd gestures in his general direction. And that when I was home sick for two days I had no computer-based distractions from napping. Which led to napping. And sleeping right through a doctor's appointment I'd made a month before because their office is so effing busy. But I digress.

Friday we went to the mall to drop off my MacBook at the Apple store. They said they would call if anything came up. I was assured that if it came down to losing all of my information or, you know, NOT they would call me. I got a voicemail later that night saying my computer was ready to be picked up.

Yesterday we returned (after the longest LensCrafters visit of LIFE to get my nearly-blind-love prescription sunglasses 'cause you KNOW I don't drive no 12 hour trip and I don't want my chauffeur cranky with sun-related headaches) and picked up my computer. With its brand new hard drive. And none of the information that had been on my original hard drive. And no call to warn me of this.

To their credit, they took care of my computer really fast, and they didn't charge me a dime (!!!), and I fully believe them when they say there's nothing they could have done.


My pictures are all gone. So many pictures of our trip to Mexico that didn't make it to the blog post....all the pictures of goofing off while house-hunting...the picture of me from that day we walked around Georgetown, each of us trying to decide whether the other liked us...all of it.

Heavy.freaking.sigh. I'm about to make us pay for a second night at the hotel we found at midnight last night (make reservations for July 4th weekend IN ADVANCE if you're going to Rocky Mt., NC...just FYI) so I gotta shower. And mope. And sniffle. See you on the other side.

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