Thursday, July 22, 2010

wherein i come to believe that i AM june cleaver

I've had an itch lately. A sewing itch. Which I usually don't get unless I've been watching Project Runway. But we don't even have TV now, and still...there's the itch.

So I'm going to sew an outfit. For the first time in a few years. Because the last time I did so I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Or maybe I did and I just didn't know that's what it was. And my sewing machine ended up broken. So, yeah, there's been a bit of a hiatus. But the machine's long since been fixed, and I'm ready.

And I'm thinking of making something like this:


Or this:


My Grandma JJ gave me a huge bag of off-white curtains she'd replaced a few years's this great brocade stuff, and they were really long curtains, so they'd be perfect to use to make a wintery dress and coat.

Wintery? Ceej, it's supposed to be 100 degrees the day after tomorrow.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. But it's not FOR now. Either of these outfits, made out of the ex-curtains would be SUPER cute for engagement pictures. Which I'm thinking will be taken over the winter.

Surprise, Leaf!

Our wedding is going to be Labor Day weekend of next year. So it will be hot. And it will be in a forest, essentially. So we'll have plenty of "hey, look, we're totes down with nature!" shots of ourselves. I'm thinking winter in NYC (our photographer lives very close to the big apple, in Connecticut) would be gorgeous. And very stylistic. I would SO be rocking mad of them false lashes.

And then I can wear the outfit to leave the wedding! At least the dress, if not the whole ensemble. I really miss the days of, you know, yore. When the couple would change into their "traveling clothes" to head straight out to the honeymoon. I'm on a constant crusade to make bygone trends mandatory in the present. It's just how I roll.

Here's what I want Leaf to wear for the pictures...and the wedding...and every day ever:


Maybe not necessarily in a shiny fabric. But I need him to wear skinny suits. All the time. I'm always trying to trick him into shopping in the boys' section of department stores. Dude's got an awesome body, and I just want to confirm that constantly, OK? Geez. Why do you think I'm marrying him? I haven't even had a conversation with the guy in the past year. But that's probably because I'm putting super tight clothes on him and getting distracted.

But back to my unfounded sewing ambition.

Obviously a dress with sleeves and a collar AND a coat with sleeves is pretty intense after not sewing anything for a couple of years. So I think my first project will be a simple dress. Maybe a maxi since zomg I love them so much!


And I think I even have fabric that would be perfect for this, too! Have you noticed I'm kind of in love with vintage patterns? Yeah. It's a little bit of a problem. But they're cheaper than the brand new ones, and I just end up finding vintage patterns that match what I want MUCH more closely than their new counterparts.

After I make that one, I'll attempt maxi dress nirvana:


See that beauty on the far right? I don't know that I've ever seen a more perfect summer dress for myself. Shirtdress style without buttons to pop off?! And maxi length? Holy Janome sewing machine, Batman!

Remember this day. The day that I'm excited about sewing and haven't started a project yet. One week from now I'm going to be complaining about the aches in my neck and facing that isn't fusible and running out of bobbins. Get ready, people.

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