Wednesday, July 28, 2010

yet another project to be abandoned

So I'm going to be redesigning "my" room to be a closet/crafty space. Because the closets in this house are TINY and I have a lot of pretty clothes. Many of which need to be donated, but even after a giant clothing purge...I'll still have a lot of clothes.


I would LOVE to do something like this, but...that's a lot of construction. And I only have about 90 square feet of space.

That's basically what I'm going for. I'm going to get garment racks to arrange around the perimeter of the room, to hang clothes and "hanging shelves" for crafty storage. In the center of the room will be a large white table, which will be my workspace. And I have about 30 gajillion vintage suitcases to stack underneath for additional storage space.

In front of the garment racks, I want to hang sheer curtains. The room has a dropped ceiling (the only one in the entire house), so I think if I got fabric that was lightweight enough I could hang dressed-up dowel rods from ribbons looped through the ceiling's gridwork, and then hang curtains from them.

And of course I need a dramatic chandelier and some bird cages. DUH.

Right now there are carpet tiles on the floor, and underneath is hardwood in pretty bad condition. I'm planning to pull up the tiles, putty in between the boards (really, it's beyond salvageable at this point), then painting the floor. Maybe a yellow/grey damask pattern. I'm trying to control myself on patterns, but I think having an oversized motif on the floor could be nice.

Also nice: winning this giveaway. How adorable are those prints? Seriously? They would be such gorgeous splashes of color!

Ikea used to sell awesome wooden garment racks, but they're not on the website anymore. I bought one years ago, and it's by far the sturdiest and most attractive clothes rack I've ever seen. Does anyone have a clue as to where I could get my hands on some now?

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