Friday, August 6, 2010


If you browse the Intertubes for wedding ish (weddish?) on the regular, you are probably WELL AWARE of the Max + Margaux extrabbaganza that took place this spring. OK, so it wasn't extravagant per se. But goodNESS I've seen a lot of this wedding. Several, distinctly different videos. Hundreds of still images. References all over the place.

But despite all that, here's my favorite bit o' inspiration from the shebang:


They drew a piece of notebook paper and then had either their vows or some sort of love note written on it. I think this would be THE CUTEST modern ketubah. Especially if we added, like, doodles representing things about us. Especially since we, like, don't practice Judaism. So a formal-type ketubah really doesn't make much sense for us.

But the The Foliage gets all traditional up in this wedding planning piece, and has alllll sorts of arguments against it. So we'll see how that plays out.

OK so I also love and want to steal the swing. You got me.

But not the heart doohickies. I mean PLEASE.

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