Wednesday, August 11, 2010

gimme gimme


This registry business is driving me nuts.

Friends and family have asked us where we're registered several times since we got engaged. And we DID have a registry through Traveler's Joy, which lets you register for cash contributions toward your honeymoon expenses. Only that was when we had a specific plan for our honeymoon. And it seems a little weird to switch it to be, "Please give us a few $25 increments of cash towards an unspecified activity!" Shady, yes? Yes.

And the thing about big chain stores that have easy-to-use registry systems is...I just can't bring myself to ask for gifts from them. At least not ALL the gifts. If our wonderful guests are determined to spend a certain amount of money on us, I can't justify directing 100% of that cash to non-independent sellers. Just can't.

So I've been looking up DIY registry sites today, but I'm pretty dissatisfied with what I've found. There are, like, 3 that let you register for actual items. All the other ones are basically asking for cash. Which isn't necessarily bad, but GEEZ it's blatant and unclassy. And the ones I've seen that do let you list actual items are pretty cluttered and intense. I don't want our guests to have to sift through that mess to find ours.

I saw on Offbeat Bride a recommendation for an online registry site and thought, "Oh, cool, I love Offbeat Bride, this is probably just what I want." Only it's called "Deposit a Gift." I might as well just design a site and call it "Give Me Your Wallet" and direct our family members to that.

On one blog I saw that the couple "registered" for bottles of booze for the wedding, so the guests essentially stocked the bar. Which seems like such a totally cool idea. But we're not really huge drinkers. And neither are most of our guests. So.

There's really no resolution to this. I'll keep looking. Or maybe The Foliage and I will have to learn HTML and build our own site from scratch. It's not out of the question.

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