Sunday, August 1, 2010

gotta get my fix

We went out to get some bug-murdering implements today, and as we were driving through Chadds Ford, I saw this porch:

Via Brandywine View's Facebook page

Today there was a fake circus cart on it that resembled this


So OF COURSE I was all, "Turn around; we need to go to that antique store immediately!" And here's why I'm marrying this guy: without hesitation or any questions he says, "OK," swerves into the left turning lane, and we went and it was amazing.

Well, first we went here. And the stuff was great. But WAY expensive Then we moseyed 2 doors over to the Brandywine View.

GoodNESS it was heaven. Walking around the wrap-around porch I told Leaf I could TOTALLY see every item at Terrain. And then when we checked out the cashier/owner said that Terrain's buyers shop there all the time. CALLED IT. And the cart in question was even labeled "chitty chitty bang bang children's cart." Nice! Here are the SPOY-UHLZ:

This was really a proxy-purchase, for Mrs. P who has been looking for birdcages, and approved of this one via picture text

Sigh* It's adorbs. I'm glad it's going to a good home, but sad it's only temporary in my life.

The front of this is a chalkboard! Cuteness!

Won't it make the cutest planter ever? Oh, I love it. Love love love love LOVE it!

And this

This most magical of magical purchases. Is a gorgeous chandelier. Which you can't see in its full glory until it's been installed in my refurbed room.

Swoon! And with that stirring announcement I'm going to look for a part-time job to fuel my antiques habit and to provide some structure to my days. I'm now beginning week 2 of unemployment, and I already have no sense of time. Sweet.

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