Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I've been totally slacking on my posts, I know. And I'm about to be again. I was at the "new" house in Maryland - without my computer - for most of last week. In a few minutes I'll be on the road to do the same thing. Our progress on what will be our bedroom is going pretty well. I have before pictures, and I'll take some in-progress ones this week, but I don't want to post them until we're all done with the refurb.

That paragraph is pretty cryptic and hard to follow if you're not me. I realize that. But I don't know how else to say it at this point.

Robyn and Brendan are RIGHT NOW at their first days of school! Robyn is a senior and Brendan is a junior. I am so jealous. Well, moderately jealous. High school was really fun for me. And did you know that kids at Jewish schools spend half of their senior years in Europe/Israel? Seriously? Where was that deal when my family was considering Catholic high school?! What a jip!

This is really abrupt, but I gotta go. It's not like this has been a really cohesive, well-constructed post anyway. I feel obligated to post this just to have posted something, but I really hate this entire entry...oh, well. Welcome to the outskirts of my indecision.

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