Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hold me closer, tiny dance[r]

I just read this post about being an awful dancer, and I was nodding like crazy until she got to the part where she says she doesn't dance. Because she's afraid of people's criticism. So she never dances. WTF is that?!

I get the Elaine comparison a LOT when I back it* onto the dance floor, and I used to be super self-conscious about it. Maybe I still am a little. But ultimately other people can bite me, I love dancing. The night before I met The Foliage I had danced for 5 straight hours in '80s aerobics gear with my college roommate, in a house full of people I didn't know, without the aid of any alcohol. Drinking required stopping, and I was just SO IN IT. In fact, my enthusiasm tricked a guy who actually WAS a good dancer into thinking I was a great dancer. Ha! It works!

And after the weekend was over and I'd met dancer guy and The Foliage, I actually thought that between the 2 of them, it was more likely that I'd ferreal date DanceMan. Mostly because The Foliage declined an offer to go get falafel with me and his sister. And who turns down delicious falafel on a Sunday night when they're not busy? Honestly. Probably not DanceMan. Just saying.

Bottom line: for the love of all that is holy, just DANCE!

And also harass people you like on Facebook, or maybe they'll accidentally go on a date with the other guy and not marry you! Pressure!

*"It" being just my back and my legs...I have pretty much nothing separating them. Seriously.


Leah said...

Umm, I think we all know what an awful dancer I am, but let's get to the real point of my comment. What is falafel?

ceejus said...

ferrealz?! it's like a meatball made out of a spiced chickpea mix, usually served wrapped in pita bread. popular on street corners in nyc. originated in the middle east. and it is awesome.