Tuesday, August 17, 2010

new york i love you but you're bringing me down

I've been looking online for wedding dresses....because, you know, it's fun. And also the dress I got is great but it's not zomgfab. So why not keep looking and have my dress as a backup? I was messaging with The Foliage - who refuses to see anything related to any wedding dresses that I may or may not ever wear - about my search, and mentioned that I had just come across THE most fabulous dress I've ever seen*

Copyright Kelly Prizel, engagement session in NYC

I emailed the seller to see if she'd be available so I could try on the dress, since she's in New York. I could totes just go to NYC to try it on. Before, you know, committing to spending several hundred dollars on it. Anyway, I told The Foliage about this, and he mused about the fact that so much of our wedding is coming from NYC.

-My ring
-His proposal
-Our photographer (by way of Connecticut)
-Maybe my dress (see above)

He said that maybe this could be some sort of theme at the wedding. But I have to wonder...how exactly does one make New York Wannabe into a wedding theme? Any ideas?

Same couple, after the wedding. Love this picture. Love.

*If you are currently engaged to me, don't click on that link.


Swiss Miss said...

A New York themed wedding. Yeah. That would be hard (dripping with Jermusyk sarcasm)

ceejus said...

Not New York themed...WANNABE New York themed. Blatant non-New Yorker but aching to be paraphernalia. Show me the mood board for THAT soiree.