Sunday, August 1, 2010

fickle is a way of life

Or maybe not.

I'm distracting myself from the continued misery of BedBugGate 2010 with honeymoon planning. Which does not involve anything camping-related.

What? Oh, we're probably not going to do that. As of yesterday. When The Foliage asked how I felt about considering other honeymoon options. Options that don't involve tents or driving 10 hours per day (give or take). Which, honestly, I had been questioning myself. So. New plan.

I've wanted to go on an Untour for a LONG time now. I don't remember how I stumbled across the site initially, but it's been a dream of mine to go on one for a long time now. The company lets you choose from one or several European locations (and now a few in the Americas) and books a week-long stay in your chosen regions. But instead of staying in a hotel, you're basically subletting a local's home while you're visiting. So you get to experience the place as if you're a native, which is SO what I want.

And, FYI, I know there's no way to not stick out like a total tourist when out of the country. But I'd like to attempt it as best I can.

All the profits that Untours makes on arranging these trips go towards loans for small businesses. How cool is that?! Help the economy here by assisting entrepreneurs in getting started, help the economy somewhere else by...well, being a tourist. I love it!

So any suggestions for which country/ies to visit? I speak awful Spanish, Leaf speaks so-so French and pretty good Hebrew. Now to get a job to start saving for the previously unexpected honeymoon expenses...

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SnowWhiteminus3 said...

What about travels around Great Britain? You speak to the language, and its supposed to be pretty beautiful there. You're also pretty close to France that you can Chunnel it on over for a day or two.